The Delachaux Group publishes the new version of its Code of Ethics. This 24 pages document, translated in 16 languages, is available on the Group’s website in the “Commitment” section.

« Our ability to conduct ourselves ethically is the cornerstone of our long-term performance”, says Guy Talbourdet, Chief Executive Officer of the Delachaux Group. “Our customers, shareholders, workforce, partners and the communities in which we operate expect this of us. In contrast, any unethical behaviour or question mark over our company’s integrity could tarnish our reputation and adversely affect our overall success.”

For Bénédicte Peronnin, Human Resources Director, “our Code of Ethics defines and describes certain critical behaviours that must be adopted by all of us, whatever our position and wherever we are in the world. Its purpose is to guide our employees in their day-to-day work by providing concrete solutions to common situations. It also describes how to transparently ask any ethics-related questions or raise the alarm about a risky situation.”

“We wanted a Code of Ethics clear and enjoyable to read, says Bénédicte Peronnin. We used several angles to describe the expected behaviors. A hard copy of the Code has been sent to every employee in every location of the Group. We will go even further with an e-learning awareness module to the Code of Ethics available before the summer.”

«Our Code of Ethics is a structuring element of our corporate social responsibility, concludes Guy Talbourdet. An ethical behaviour will give us the ability to continue passionately serving our customers and ensure the sustainable growth of the Delachaux Group.”