On October 19th, 2023, Delachaux Group has successfully extended by 3 years the maturity of its Term loan B up to April 2029 and upsized it to €770mm. Proceeds will be used to amend & extend the existing € Term Loan B (maturing in Apr-26), repay the existing $ 140mmTerm Loan B.

This transaction is providing the Delachaux group with financial visibility over the coming years, in a challenging economic environment and a world of geo-political tensions.

In parallel, the three-year extension of the existing €75mm RCF (up o Oct-28) also provide the group with financial liquidity and flexibility to potentially seize market opportunities.

Thank you to the two Mandated lead Arrangers BNPParibas Corporate and Institutional Banking and  @ JPMorgan  and additional bookrunners   HSBC ,  CA-CIB, Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking for their support and engagement in executing this transaction.