Board of Directors

8 members

Mr. Stéphane DELACHAUX : Chairman
Mr. Guy TALBOURDET: Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Stéphane ETROY
Mr. Damien FAUCHER
Mr. Jean-Marie FULCONIS

Executive Committee

6 members

Guy Talbourdet - Delachaux CEO

Guy Talbourdet
Chief Executive Officer

Guy Talbourdet started his career at the car equipment company Valeo (1992-2001) where he held several positions within the Executive and the Financial Management in France, the United States, Mexico and Spain. He then joined Faurecia (2001-2008) where he was a member of the Group’s Executive Committee acting as Executive Vice-President – Automotive Exterior. Before joining the Delachaux Group, he was CEO of Roquette Frères (2008-2013). He then became Chief Executive Officer of Delachaux S.A. in October 2013 then Chairman and CEO in January 2014.

Guy Talbourdet graduated from HEC.

François Bernès - Conductix-Wampfler CEO

François Bernès
Chief Executive Officer of Conductix-Wampfler

François Bernès is the Chief Executive Officer of Conductix-Wampfler. He joined the Delachaux Group in 2015 as Managing Director of the Conductix-Wampfler brand after being CEO of Degrémont Technologies from 2009 to 2015.

François Bernès graduated from HEC Paris and Centrale Supélec.

Bruno Dathis - Delachaux CFO

Bruno Dathis
Chief Financial Officer

Bruno Dathis has been the Chief Financial Officer of the Delachaux Group since 2016. Prior to this, he held the same position at Group Saft from 2008 to 2016 and at Myers Industries Inc Europe from 2004 to 2007. He was a financial auditor during 15 years at Ernst & Young.

Bruno Dathis graduated from Sciences Po.

Brian Forster - Pandrol CEO

Brian Forster
Chief Executive Officer of Pandrol 

Brian Foster is the Chief Executive Officer of the "Fastening Systems" business line of the Pandrol brand. He joined the Delachaux Group in 2001. He is also a member of the Executif Committee of Pandrol.

Brian Foster has a diploma in civil engineering.

Bénédicte Peronnin - Delachaux Human Resources Director

Bénédicte Peronnin
Human Resources Director

Bénédicte Peronnin is Human Resources Director of the Delachaux Group. She joined the Group in 2015 after being Head of Personnel politics, development and communications at the Michelin Group.

Bénédicte Peronnin graduated from l’Ecole des Psychologues Praticiens.

Fabrice Seewald - Pandrol CEO

Fabrice Seewald
Chief Executive Officer of Pandrol

Fabrice Seewald is the Chief Executive Officer of the “Aluminothermic welding and Equipment & Control” business lines at Pandrol. He joined the Delachaux Group in 2002. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of Pandrol.

Fabrice Seewald graduated from the Universities of Strasbourg and Montpellier.