​Like many websites, delachaux.com uses cookies to improve the online experience of users, collect audience statistics and enable you to share content on social networks. Please find below the list of cookies used on our website and information how to configure your browser to refuse cookies.​

​What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file containing information, which is stored on the hard disk of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone…) when you visit a website using your browser. It is transmitted by the website server to your browser. The cookie enables its sender to identify the device on which it is stored, for the period of validity or conservation of the cookie concerned, but the sender is not able to identify an individual person.​

Which types of cookies uses delachaux.com?

Functionality cookies

These cookies allow you to use the main features of the site and secure your connection. We use them in order to adapt the presentation of our website to the display preferences on your device, notably language used, display resolution and operating system used. Without these cookies you will not be able to browse the site normally. We recommend that you do not delete them.​​​


SESS, SSESSFunctionality cookiesThese cookies are used to sign and secure server transactions. SESS cookies check whether other domain cookies change during the transaction and verify the referrer object.
wordpress_test_cookieWordPress specific cookieThis is a WordPress cookie for internal use of the application to indicate whether a user is logged-in or not.
pll_languageWordPress specific cookieThis is a WordPress cookie for internal use of the application to indicate whether a user is viewing the English or French version of the site.

Analytics cookies

These cookies allow us to learn more about the use and performance of our site, to establish statistics and volumes of frequentation and use of various elements of our site. This enables us to improve the interest and the ergonomics of our services (the most frequently consulted pages or topics, the most read articles, etc.).

Our website uses Google Analytics, a website analysis service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses the cookies __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, __utmt​ to help us analyzing user behavior, for example, lists of pages visited, duration of a visit or the number of error messages encountered. Data generated by cookies concerning your usage of the site will be sent to and stored by Google Inc. on servers based in the United States. More information about Google Analytics services.

Third-party cookies linked to social networks

These cookies are linked to social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. A social network may identify you simply because your account is activated on your device as you are browsing our website.

We have no control over the processes used by social networks and therefore ask you to consult the privacy protection policy on their websites.

How to change your browser settings​

You can configure your browser to store cookies on your device or to reject them. If you have blocked all or some cookies, it is possible that the website will no longer function correctly or that you will not have access to some parts of the website, for which Delachaux cannot be held liable.

Please find below links to information pages explaining how to change the options for your browser:​

Once your preferences have been saved, we will only read or modify cookies according to your preferences. Please note that we use a cookie to store your cookie preferences, which means that if you remove all cookies or if you use a different peripheral device, profile or browser, you will need to update your settings. More information is available in French on the CNIL website.