As part of its commitment to the Ethics of Business and in accordance with the Sapin II Law, the Delachaux Group makes available to all its employees and stakeholders (suppliers, customers, commercial agents …) an ethical line through an external web platform. In this reporting system you can quickly and easily report concerns about actual or suspected misconduct that can affect our company or the wellbeing of people

Available in more than 30 languages, it is easy to use and accessible from any country in the world. The platform complies with the law on data protection-RGPD and guarantees the anonymity of the whistleblower. Each alert is then processed by the Delachaux Ethics Committee formed by the members of the Executive Committee and the CSR leader in the group.

For any suspicion of a real or suspected mistake, it is recommended to the employees to address first to his HR referent or his manager, insofar as these interlocutors would not be involved in the incident, and in a second time to report through the platform.

The reporting system may not be used to make false accusations against others, and altogether, deliberately untrue information may not be reported.

Delachaux Ethics line :