A relationship with local communities? It's a priority!

The Delachaux Group and its various companies constantly look out for their communities.
That’s why we want to support and promote local initiatives, both those that are already in place as well as those that want to come to life!

That’s what our WE Community initiative is all about!

Over time, our companies have developed strong links with local stakeholders thanks to well-aware employees. Some great actions have already been identified.
From these, three clear areas have been identified: Solidarity, Education and Environment.

Thank you and well done!

But what about other unvaluated actions? And the ones that are still a work in progress?

Share your initiatives !

Alison Hunt  Pandrol

Are you already engaged in a project with other colleagues?
Have you started a project locally that could inspire other companies in the group?

You can make a difference! Share your ideas or raise your hand if you want to contribute!

Kristin Abel Conductix Wampfler

Have you had a project idea for a while but don't know how to make it happen?
Just want to help?
We are listening to you!

Are you helping? We'll support you! 💪

Delachaux wants to encourage its employees more than ever in local support programmes for those who need them most.

The "WE Community" is:
🧰 a toolkit to organise your actions locally
🤝 volunteering opportunities in different forms
👷🏽 a network of on-site advisers and members of the community committee in your companies
💶 a EUR 130,000 "Community fund" to support your projects.

Who is leading actions of the WE Community?

1. Local, on-site leaders

2. An international committee

- Alison Hunt - Pandrol
- Kristin Abel - Conductix-Wampfler
- Rogene Smith - Conductix-Wampfler
- Amber Chase - Conductix-Wampfler
- Elisabeth Maschek-Mühlbacher - Frauscher
- Yoran Guenegou- DCX Chrome
- Eleonore Tauveron - Delachaux
- Sandrine Vallée -France
- Marie Ancelin - France

3. The Delachaux Group CSR manager

Sophie Perdriset
Sophie Perdriset

Why have the "WE Community" ?

Since 2017, the Delachaux Group has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact, a programme that aims to involve companies and non-profit organisations in the respect for and promotion of key principles (human rights, international labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption)

Internally, we have created the “WE” project, for “Worldwide Engagement”, which is structured around 5 pillars aligned with these “key principles” of the Global Compact:
- Relations with communities,
- Safety,
- Ethics,
- Environment,
- Management Practices.

The "WE Community" corresponds to the first of the five pillars!

What is a community? How do I know if my project is right for the "Community Program"?
All the answers are in the “WE Community” toolbox!