A total of 600 storage-retrieval machines with conductor rail systems from Conductix-Wampfler are now in operation across the globe

In modern logistics centers, high demands are placed on the warehouse technology used – particularly in the pallet area, where requirements such as high dynamics for heavy loads, effective use of space, and efficiency all have to be taken into account. During the development of the Exyz four years ago, SSI Schaefer explored new approaches to energy supply in collaboration with system partner Conductix-Wampfler based in Weil am Rhein. The 0812 conductor rail system made from aluminum combined with the ProShell support profile (designed specifically for use in storage-retrieval machines) is now in use in many installations.

The success enjoyed by the partners proves that this was the right decision: a total of 600 new storage-retrieval machines have already been successfully put into operation, with around 120 users benefiting from the advantages of the 0812 conductor rail system and ProShell.

Maximum conductivity with low voltage at high starting currents

The single pole insulated aluminum conductors on the 0812 have a stainless steel running surface and have been successfully used in crane technology for many decades. The integrated ProShell support profile made from sheet steel is a new feature which, in combination with compact rail brackets, enables quick and easy installation with long support distances. What makes its use in SRMs particularly attractive are the outstanding conductivity values with a low voltage drop at high starting currents. « Compared to copper, aluminum delivers significant cost savings. This cheaper raw material is extremely conductive and extends the service life of the system », emphasizes Simon Dülffer, Global Market Manager Intralogistics at Conductix-Wampfler. Compared to a copper conductor rail, the voltage drop can sometimes be halved at the same price level. This allows the operator to achieve savings both in terms of energy supply and energy recovery in the low single-digit percentage range. « Consequently, high dynamics for long aisles can often be made possible for the first time or made significantly easier, because additional power does not need to be supplied », adds Dülffer.

The steel support profile also has another desirable effect: it surrounds the system’s critical energy supply on three sides, providing protection against mechanical damage. This results in increased availability of the operator’s system.

Quick installation, high flexibility

« We made a conscious decision to purchase the 0812 ProShell system from Conductix-Wampfler as it provides us with an extremely high level of flexibility and maximum standardization for our global projects », explains Markus Sellen, Product Manager at SSI Schaefer. Installation at the construction site is quick and easy, which simplifies project scheduling. SSI Schaefer has its own staff perform the installations or assigns work packages to specialist companies like Conductix-Wampfler. « The system has really proven itself », concludes Sellen after four successful years and 600 reliable installations to date.

So far, projects involving Exyz systems have been implemented in North and South America, in Europe, and in the Asia-Pacific region. SSI Schaefer employs these storage-retrieval machines with a ProShell profile in various industries, from automotive and food & drinks to the pharmaceuticals, trade, tobacco and even aerospace sectors.

Deep-freeze applications

Exyz systems are also in use in deep-freeze high bay warehouses. « Projects in the deep-freeze sector can be implemented as standard using the 0812 system combined with ProShell. We simply provide a special connection cable for the current collector, which remains flexible even at operating temperatures of -28°C », says Thomas Wurster, Technical Project Leader at Conductix-Wampfler.

The perfect combination of an efficient energy supply with the standardized device components in the Exyz SRM results in a solution customized to the operator’s requirements that also allows for quick and flexible pallet storage and maximum energy efficiency.